Flyover Palau Rock Islands

Peleliu Island, Republic of Palau

The Republic of Palau is a jewel located in the south pacific, made up of more than 586 islands. This wonderful country and it´s people have so much to offer and you simply can´t get enough underwater nor on land.

Peleliu island is located about 23 miles south of Koror island, capital of Palau. Peleliu is a reef island and only 5 square miles in size with a population of approximately 700.

Attention to personal service by your hosts and resort owners, Godwin & Mayumi, work very hard to make this a place where you can feel at home.


Diving in Palau

Most dives in Palau are drift dives, usually in gentle to moderate currents, however currents may become strong, which is why all divers must carry their own surface signaling device as well as a current hook. A current hook is used to attach divers to rocks at the edge of walls so they can relax in the current and watch marine life and avoid holding or stepping on the corals. Water Temperature is warm year-round, usually about 28-29 degrees Celsius or about 80-84 degrees Fahrenheit. Most of Palau's best dive sites such as “Blue Corner” or German Channel are just a 20 minute boat ride from the resort. This also means you will be in and out of the water before the boats from Koror start to arrive at the dive sites.